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November 2, 2015 Update

Good evening!

Last Thursday, the Waldheim Board welcomed their new board members, Rev. Rob Romig, Harrison Leuckel and Brad Waldman to the board! They also reorganized as follows: Kathy Canfield, President; Dennis Carwell, Vice President; Beth Nahodil, Treasurer; Phyllis Mickley, Secretary and Latoya Cramsey, Stock Secretary (Latoya’s name was mistakenly omitted as a board member in the last update – sorry).

The committees (so far) are as follows:

Rev. Romig – Ministries; Pastor Gus Al-khal – Pastoring; Dick Souilliard (Chair), Charlie Knapp and Harrison Leuckel – Grounds & Maintenance; Mary Wagner (Chair) and Brad Waldman – Screening & Cottages; Mike Sosnowski – Tech; Nancy Strohecher – Reservations; Kathy Canfield (Chair), Rev. Bob Klersy, LaToya Cramsey and Jerry Wagner – Charter & Bylaws. The Swimming Pool Committee will be appointed at a later date.

Some larger committees have more than one board member and may also include non-board members which are not listed because any complaints/issues should be brought to a board member.


*Just to give you a heads up.......we will be hiring pool lifeguards for the 2016 summer season. If you are interested or know of someone who is, you/they must be 15 years of age and have a life guard certificate by the time the pool opens. Contact Karen Berard at 484-347-4670 for more information. College students are welcome to apply!

*The NEW rates for the 2016 summer season for the Tabernacle/kummesse/pavilions are as follows:

Weddings – use of Tabernacle – $300.00 which includes the use of the Tabernacle for the rehearsal

Church Services at the Tabernacle by EC Churches remains free.

Church Services at the Tabernacle by non-EC Churches – $100.00

Kummesse and pavilion for EC members and residents – $75.00 (with separate $25.00 deposit)

Kummesse and pavilion for non-EC members – $150.00 (with separate $25.00 deposit)

Upper pavilion (which now has electric) for EC members and residents – $25.00

Upper pavilion for non-EC members – $50.00

All deposits are non-refundable. For example: park residents pay $75. PLUS $25 for the use of the kummesse and pavilion. Two separate checks. If they clean up, we destroy the $25. check. If they don't take out the garbage or do not clean up the kummesse/pavilion, we deposit the $25 dollar check.

*Our workers are still picking up leaf piles and will continue to do so as long as the weather permits. Blowing/raking up leaves around your cottage is most beneficial before winter sets in because of the drainage ditches. Leaves tend to be washed into the ditches when it rains or when snow melts causing backups. They are also easier to blow/rake up now instead of the spring when they are all wet. Please pile your leaves at the road closest to you for pick up!

Thanks to all for your support! Volunteers are our greatest asset to the park!

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