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Theresa Harnar

Friday, 5/1/15, 10:01 AM


Hi! I tried to call you at the number listed on the website to get some more information about the park for our bulletin, but the number is "no longer in service". Do you have an updated number that I can give our church members if they have questions about upcoming events or renting a cottage? Thanks! Theresa


From:Hope Community EC Church



Augustus O. Thomas

Tuesday, 11/25/14, 8:45 AM


My wife, Gloria, nee Stahler, and I are writing a historical/genealogical book on her surname and six others related by marriage. She was born and raised in Allentown. Her grandfather, Warren G. Leiser, Sr., owned a cottage in Waldheim Park named "Amelia" after his daughter, Gloria's mother. I was looking for a photograph or picture of the tabernacal to make an ink drawing for a graphic in the book. Hence, this note as I continue to look. Bud Thomas


From:Williamsposrt, Pa.



Sarah and Neen

Sunday, 8/17/14, 6:43 PM


Loven the summer events.....we so look forward to Sunday Evenings at Waldheim.,,,wish the Sunday evenings would go longer into the Fall! Great snacks....and fellowship at the Kumesse! Kudos to the crew!!!!





Heather Herbst

Friday, 7/18/14, 4:55 PM


My mother told me that she went to camp at Waldheim and they stayed in tents. I have fond memories of camp meetings, the pool and visiting with my many Schantz and Rambo relatives at Waldheim. About eight years ago we had a Schantz reunion there and it rained the whole day. We still had a blast.


From:Port St. Lucie

Web Site:Heather Herbst



marlene shoemaker

Thursday, 6/19/14, 6:20 AM


I would like to know when the Harmenaires Quartet is giving their concert?? I heard it was in August, not sure of the date Thanks...Marlene






Beverly Geib

Sunday, 5/4/14, 4:40 PM


I went to church camp at Waldheim Park during the early '50s and have many fond memories from there. I was wondering if you have any still-life photos you could send me by e-mail from those years. It would be great to see the old tabernacle, the building where we ate, the snack bar, and the lake. I would really like to come to the park sometime to re-live those memories. Beverly Geib Member of Trinity E.C. Church, Manheim, PA


From:Manheim, PA



Ronald Eichman

Tuesday, 2/25/14, 6:29 PM


Waldheim Park holds a sweet dear warm spot in my heart. I went to School of Methods, 3 summers in the early 60s, before Twin Pines was purchased. I have fond memories of the summer I spent as a resident camper, and the year I commuted from my Aunt's house dally from Susquehanna St. and the year we spent as guest of "Pastor" Steinhart's in their cabin. Have fond memories of the kids we met from such places as Williamtown, Wiconisco, Tremot, Herndon, Lebanon, Annville, Allentown and Bethlehem. Meal times in the great dining hall were filled with laughter and good food. The memory innocent mischief of such things as hiding the dining hall bell and other such things are as clear as if it was yesterday. Also how the boys found ways to antagonize the counselors in the girl's dorms, and finding ways to lure the girls out, when the were not to be out. All good normal boy girl fun. Sweet memories of the Mine Hole, before the put the fence up and the hikes up the mountain to the Girls Scout camp. Our young married and CE group group from Easton was at the dedication of Twin Pines. We sat as a group on one of the split rail fences during the Bishop's speech and the rail broke sending all of us to the ground.. The Bishop's speech was interrupted by quite a bit of laughter. Thanks for the memories. Ron


From:Whitehall, PA Via Easton, 1st. EC Church



Carol (Brandt) Schaak

Monday, 6/10/13, 6:56 AM


I went to camp at Waldheim during the early 1960's before they moved the summer camp to Twin Pines. Such wonderful memories of those weeks at camp. I was there when we used the swimming hole before the pool was installed. My mother went there for the "School of Methods"....that goes a LONG way back in time. Thanks for the old pictures. I haven't been to Waldheim since my last week there for summer camp in the '60's. I would like to take a day and visit just to walk around and relive old and wonderful memories. Hopefully we can do that this summer.


From:Lebanon, PA



Michelle Mohr

Monday, 4/15/13, 12:39 PM


Hi Steve! Spoke to you on the phone a couple minutes ago. I am interested in renting a cabin this summer. I spoke to Steve U., he gave me a price that sounded reasonable. I would like to see the inside if I may. He told me that if I were first approved, he would show the cabin to me. My church has no evening services on a Sunday, so I would enjoy going at the campground for the summer. My aunt, Mary (Mrs. Albert) Geho, had a cabin there many years ago. It's very possible that they were some of the first builders there, but I do not know. I had been through the approval process about ten yrs. ago. I believe that I passed muster,(smile)at that time! We had looked at the Alpha, and the price was amazing, but my father wouldn't approve to spending money on a building that you "couldn't keep"? or something. Anyway, I am still interested, and I have even been one of the people who came to the camp to swim. Michelle


From:Bethlehem, Pa



Steve Riedy

Tuesday, 5/29/12, 8:31 PM


Wow! Memories of Waldheim. Where do I begin. Even though we lived about 8 blocks away from Waldheim Park, my parents would rent a cottage for the summer and me and my brothers had a blast playing baseball at the upper baseball diamond, running down to the fountain and getting refreshed with the coldest, best tasting spring water ever made. Days were spent at the pool, climbing trees, playing board games, going down the slides and visiting Mrs. Bear at the snack stand for some penny snacks. Nights consisted of having late night cook outs, collecting fire flies and playing capture the flag with the Taylors, Millers, Sneaddons and many others. Over the years my parents rented 3 different cottages and today my wife Jenn and I are the proud owners of one of those rentals ... #105 First Ave. ~ "The Sunbeam".



Web Site:Steve's Painting Servce



Jeff Norris

Thursday, 8/11/11, 2:31 PM


Well, every year the 4th of July festivities grow. The Parade was excellent and the Games and food outstanding. We had 22 family members join us for the fun. I encourage everyone to plan ahead to attend next years childrens Parade and fourth of July celebration. Bring friends and family. Jeff Norris/ Peggy Keiffer cottage #128. E-mail me for more info.





Richard S. Jensen, Sr

Sunday, 7/17/11, 2:10 PM


I live in Northampton, PA and I visited my brother-in- law and sister-in-law this past Sunday and boy the memories flashed in front of me. My dad (Robert Jensen and I a duet on the platform, My mother Catherine played the piano. That was over 50 years ago. But the memories are still as vivid as if it happened yesterday. May God continue to bless your ministry



Web Site:Richard S. Jensen, Sr



MaryAlice ( Schmoyer ) King

Wednesday, 7/14/10, 6:18 PM


I love Waldheim. Home. And like everyone, many priceless memories. I was brought over to Hope cottage as a newborn in 1960. Spent every summer there until I moved from Pa. as an adult. But my heart is still there every summer. Some of my memories : services in the tabernacle during storms and watching the hanging lights sway in the wind, ringing the tabernacle bell, waitress at campmeeting dinners in the dining hall, working at the stand, sitting on wax paper - sliding down the big slide by the lower chapel and those "big" rocks looked a lot bigger when I was younger : ) Looking forward to visiting Pa early Aug 2010 and spending a week at our family cottage. Thank You for this wonderful website. Keep up the good work that God has called you to do. MA


From:Austin, Texas



Jeffrey Norris

Wednesday, 4/7/10, 9:22 AM


I see my wife Peggy Keiffer left a message two years ago. I guess I will the start messages for 2010. We love having our cottage at Waldheim. Our fellow residents are all wonderful people. More like family than neighbors. Peggy and I pray for the revitalization of Waldheim to an active center for the summer Bible camps. We will be available May June July this year as volunteers. May God bless you all, Jeff.





Jane Bachman

Wednesday, 10/15/08, 8:05 PM


I wanted to comment on how great this web site is but then I found this even better little guest book. My father bought our cabin sometime around 1990. We own one of the older ones. About 10 years after he bought it and I bought it from him I remembered Walheim was one of my earlier childhood memories. I remembered getting dizzy on the merry- go-round and the "big rocks". I used to call Waldheim "The Place with the Big Rocks." Waldheim Park is set in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world,on the side of a small mountain with the just the perfect amount of elevation - not too hard to walk up. I am very pleased to read that the original Board of Directors looked for a place close to Allentown with a good well. Those are 2 things that I like about Waldheim...the water is natural spring water, clean, and delicious and I don't have to drive at all to be out of the city. That and the people and the park and the holy spirit that lives here with us and blesses us with a good life and a great place to be in the summer!


From:Summer resident from Waldheim



Julie Colon

Wednesday, 7/9/08, 3:27 PM


I love the park and the little houses (cottages) it feels like a little peace of heaven. The atmosphere is peaceful and you can feel God in that place of stillness. My children enjoy the summer camp. The visit last year and they are back again. God Bless you! Julie Colon


From:Salisbury Township, PA




Monday, 5/19/08, 1:29 PM


I noticed the Moxie logo on your web page, you have good taste. :)





Charles Steinhart IV

Saturday, 5/3/08, 3:44 PM


I remember spending time at the park with my grand and great grandparents in the late 1950s. The tabernacle is my fondest memory - listening to music while watching the birds in the overhead. I look forward to visiting again and attending a gospel music service.


From:North Stonington, CT



Peggy (Miles) Keiffer

Sunday, 2/24/08, 1:30 PM


My new husband (Jeff Norris) and I are delighted to have a cottage at Waldheim. Waldheim is a very special place for me. I remember going to Waldheim as a kid for sunday school picnics. I always looked forward to going to School of Methods in summer. Later, family friends had summer cottages and my kids had a wonderful time running around Waldheim, playing Capture the Flag, army, etc. Now we are the grandparents, and we so enjoy the families of my children's contemporaries enjoying Waldheim just as we did. It is so relaxing to come east to Pa and spend relaxed time visiting family, old friends and the beautiful PA countryside. It is a dream come true from my childhood.We will be back May 1st so stop by and say hello. Peggy Keiffer and Jeff Norris


From:Salt Lake City



William L. Yost

Saturday, 2/9/08, 7:56 PM


Our family spent summers at Waldheim from 1950 through 1965. Recently, we found paintings of the old minehole and the original meeting place, which were done by Clara Woodring. She and her husband ran the refreshment stand for many years at Waldheim. We're interested in finding one of Clara's family members who would like to have the paintings. For further information, please log onto the following website: www.jowest. net/Genealogy/John/Christian/ClaraWoodringPaintings.htm


From:Greenville SC

Web Site:NA



Dave & Shari Landis

Sunday, 8/26/07, 9:25 PM


Hello! We just moved to the area (Bethlehem) and were happy to discover the Campmeeting tonight. We enjoyed Jim's message. What a beautiful tabernacle! We will look forward to visiting again. God's blessings! Shari & Dave





Faune Sneddon

Thursday, 7/19/07, 8:24 PM


Waldheim is my home away from mmy winter home. I was brought to Waldheim as an infant. Was the camp nurse for School of Methods, and bought our cottage in 1955. We raised our 3 boys here, and now 2 of them have cottages here also. I find it to be spiritually uplifting, getting away from the stress of everyday living.I thank God that he has provided this place for me.





Jim, Michele, Abby, Ally, Maddy, and MacKenzie Carls

Sunday, 5/27/07, 5:33 PM


Waldheim is our home. We love it here!



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