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Purchasing A Cottage

Here at Waldheim, there are 81 privately-owned cottages.  At any given time, there are usually a few for sale. Waldheim Park is a private, Christian community. Prospective owners must apply and be interviewed by the Cottages Committee.

Cottages may be occupied from May 1st - October 31st.  Out of season occupancy requires an Application and special approval by the Board of Directors and is available only to cottage owners who are EC Church members. 

The land a cottage occupies is leased on a yearly basis from the Waldheim Park Association, a non-profit corporation.  To own a cottage, and have the right to participate in the election of board members, one must purchase Waldheim Association stock.  Individual property and school taxes are determined by, and payable to, Salisbury Township and Lehigh County.  Cottage owners must carry insurance on their cottage. 


Prospective cottage owners or renters must apply. Click on the appropriate link.

-Once the application is complete, contact Karen

EC Waldheim Park

Allentown PA  18103

Phone 610-297-2587

The Cottage Committee will review the application and arrange an in-person interview.  The Committee then makes their recommendation to the Board of Directors for an approval vote.  Ideal candidates for residency can give a Christian testimony, are active in their home church, desire to live and participate in an Evangelical Christian community, and have the financial means to maintain a summer cottage, many of which are approaching 100 years of age.

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