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October 15, 2015 Update


Saturday, October 24, 2015 at St Matthew’s EC Church, 5th and Ridge Streets in Emmaus in the sanctuary at 9:30AM.

*If you are not attending the meeting, please make sure your ballots are mailed in by October 17th to Lois Morrell, 1059 E Gordon Street, Allentown PA 18109.

*Congratulations to Clover Fasolka (Cottage 147) for taking first prize at the chili cook-off last Saturday at the kummesse with her awesome chicken and white bean chili! If you didn’t attend, you missed some good eats!

*This week’s scheduled pumpkin carving on the 18th has been cancelled.

*The water will be shut off November 2nd. Please make sure your cottages are locked up and all valuables removed before you leave.

*Did you visit our NEW website? Go to to view updates! (Thank you Rachel Diez!)

*Also join us on Facebook at the Waldheim Park page. (Thank you Michele Carls!) And Twitter at Waldheim Park@waldheimPark. (Again thanks Rachel!)

*Attached is an updated Cottage Owner List for 2015. Please print it off and keep it handy!

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