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October 23, 2015 Update


Saturday, October 24, 2015 at St Matthew’s EC Church, 5th and Ridge Streets in Emmaus in the sanctuary at 9:30AM. Doors will be open by 9:15AM. Please use the side entrance that leads into the fellowship hall.

*Even tho registration starts at 9:30AM, we encourage you to come a little earlier so we can get the meeting underway by 10:00AM.

*There will be a few extra ballots at the meeting, but please remember to bring your own with you! We do not have access to a copier.

*Please prepare any questions you may have ahead of time. There will be a time limit on questions and answers in order to give everyone a chance to speak. We do not want this to be a lengthily meeting as people have other plans for their day. Questions will be limited to park issues only, not personal issues.

*Water will be shut off on November 2nd. Please be sure to winterize your cottage before then and take any valuables/electronics with you.

*Please pile any leaves you rake up now at the road closest to you for pick up. Thank you!

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