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A Message From Our President - Annual Report

President's Annual Report:

This past year, EC Waldheim Park had quite a busy year! At the end of the last Stockholder’s Meeting in August, 2014 until now, the Board of Directors has been quite productive. Thank you, Stockholders for electing a group of people that have a love for Waldheim and care about its future! I have learned an awful lot working with this group, and it was an honor to serve Christ alongside each of them. Each person brings a unique quality to the table and plays a different role.

Throughout the winter months, we met regularly. Grounds and maintenance spent a lot of time closing up the park for the season, and the Ministries Committee began the planning for the upcoming year. The Civic Association also started planning for the 2015 summer. All in all, there are many people who volunteer their time to keep things running to make our summers an enjoyable time.

While in our winter meetings, new ideas are brought to the table, and sometimes we re-hash some of the old ideas and thoughts. As Waldheim continues to grow and strengthen, we, the Board of Directors at EC Waldheim Park, will continue to be in prayer, follow Christ, and consult God’s Word. We also check the Charter and By-Laws when necessary. God’s Word is very relevant and teaches us how to live AND the Charter and By-Laws helps us to maintain that standard at Waldheim Park. We pray that you are doing the same.

During those discussions, the board decided that it would be important to consult the EC Center in Myerstown and to locate historical documents for review. We decided that it would benefit Waldheim to also consult a lawyer and begin the process to change some of the Charter. The Charter is filed through the State of PA, which is why we needed to consult a lawyer. We formed a Charter Change committee and began writing the changes. This resulted in the vote you have just done. If these changes are agreeable to the stockholders, this Charter Change will not go into effect until it is filed with the State of PA. During this winter, we will proceed to make changes to the By-Laws that will reflect the Charter. We will also take a look at other areas of the By-laws.

The Board has been working together with many cottage owners to help them make the necessary changes to their cottages. We recognize that our summer homes are very old. When you are looking to make ANY changes to the outside, please be sure to consult a member of the board. We love to see your ideas, yet we still want to keep Waldheim authentic to its origins and history.

Now, on to some of our maintenance of the park…

We had a very cold winter last year. As a result, when we turned on the water, we had many pipes that needed repair.

Our grass cutting tractor needed major repairs.

We added water to the upper pavilion.

The electric was updated at the pool and the upper pavilion.

The pool pump was repaired.

We kept the workers busy helping to prepare for the Band Concert sponsored by Civic. We added a code box to enter the KummEsse.

The Tabernacle pews were sanded and restained.

A History Room was created.

This list only reflects a portion of what really happened this past summer.

In the past few years, we have been reaching out to our own local EC churches. Our board members are encouraged to make sure announcements are in the Sunday Morning Bulletins and to ask our pastors to make announcements from the pulpit. Our Ministries Committee has sent a schedule of events to the churches and asked our pastors to help with OUR evenings services. Many of them have responded favorably. It is exciting to see our local EC churches participating in Waldheim.

This past year, Christ EC Church hosted a fundraiser pancake breakfast.

Horizon EC Church Plant donated tables to our upper pavilion.

Hope EC Church and New Bethany EC Church sent their youth groups to our tabernacle and worked very diligently by sanding most of the pews and re-staining them and payed to restore them!

Zion EC Church hosts our winter board meetings and has their Church Picnic at Waldheim.

St. Matthew’s, today, is hosting our Stockholder Meeting.

During our Camp Meeting Bible studies, we have seen an increase in attendance from our local church membership. We have also reached out to our EC Center in Myerstown. They have been very helpful in guiding us and connecting us to people who can help and get us the information we need. I have been communicating with them regularly and Phyllis Mickley and I even met with the EC Controller in Meyerstown.

As we continue to move forward, we have created a Strategic Planning and Technology committee. They have updated us with a Gmail account, google phone number and a website. If you haven’t already, please go to and take a look. This website will help us grow by generating interest with our local churches.

We also have created a Capital Repair Plan that will help us save money for future repairs to our aging buildings.

We hope you can see how hard we have worked over the past year and we will continue to grow in good stewardship and integrity. We encourage you to move along with us and pray with us so we can have an even more successful summer in 2016.


Kathy Canfield

Board President 2015

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