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A New Year Message from Board President!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

As I take time to reflect on this past year, I think of my Waldheim family and have such fond memories of this past summer. From raking leaves to enjoying our civic events, sweet prayer times on porches, or standing on 3rd Ave talking to my neighbors and passersby, I truly enjoy Waldheim Park!! I hope this note finds you healthy and ready to start a fresh beginning! I anticipate what God has for our park this year. We have new residents to get to know, deer to observe, mice to evict from our cottages and different Civic events and Sunday evening services at the tabernacle to attend. So many opportunities to receive God’s blessings during the summer of 2016!

Your Board of Directors is prayerfully spending time this winter planning for a Christ-honoring summer. With several new board members and changes to the Charter and By-Laws, we are moving forward with a few changes to committee leaders, too. As we pray for you, please remember to pray for each board member as well. I am encouraged to see our stockholders, local churches and residents take more interest in the welfare of Waldheim. Keep an eye on the website for times and places of winter fundraisers, and for spring clean-ups. We will also be sending our annual spring letter. The month of May will be here before we know it! Until then, here are a few prayer items:

Ministry Team

Pastor Rob Romig’s new position of leading the team

Completion of summer schedule

Fundraising opportunities

Swimming Pool

Change in leadership


Preparations to open pool

Hiring of Lifeguards

Fundraising opportunities

Low cost start-up

Season pass sales

Strategic Planning and Technology

Upkeep of website

Fresh ideas in advertising

Youth Groups to volunteer time during their summer missions projects

Grounds and Maintenance

Protection of pipes for a low-cost start-up

Maintenance of buildings and roads

Cottage Owners

Plans for maintenance and cleanup of their cottage and the area around it

Financial budgeting for their on-time payment of land rent

Many of our cottage owners have serious health issues. Please pray for God’s healing.

And finally, I pray that YOU will have a blessed New Year and that God will show you His will for your life this year!

In Christ,

Kathy Canfield

Board President


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