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April 15, 2016 Letter from Our President

April 15, 2016

Dear Waldheim Residents,

As we approach another season at Waldheim, the Board and I are looking forward to a great summer! We have been working hard handling many business topics and we wanted to make you aware of a few things as you start to settle into your cottages:

We have contacted our lawyer concerning the charter changes that were voted upon at our Stockholder Meeting in the fall. When those changes have been made legal, we will distribute the proper booklet.

The water will be turned on the last week in April. As long as there aren‛t any pipe repairs, we should be ready to roll by April 29.

Previously, when we turned on the water, the park had mandated procedures and water testing that must be reported to the DEP (Department of Environmental Protection). Last week, Harrison Leuckel, Dick Souilliard, Mike Canfield and I met at the DEP office. We were made aware of new standards and procedures. We are required to do a coliform sample each month and we are required to do one Nitrate and one Nitrite sample each year. A schedule and testing sites were noted. The results of the tests will, of course, be sent to the DEP. In the event of a contamination result, we will alert our residents by e-mail, website posting and posting on the bulletin board in the grove by the Kumme Esse.

As we update our website regularly and Waldheim Park announcements becomes more electronic, please make sure your email address is updated. Contact Phyllis Mickley if you have ANY changes. (

We also wanted to remind you to rake your leaves in a pile close to the road. Make sure the leaves are not blocking the waterways and gullys.

See Everyone Soon!!

Blessings to All,

Kathy Canfield

Board President

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