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Civic 4/28/2016

Greetings Fellow Waldheimers!!

We are only a few short days away from beginning the 2016 season at our beloved park! Rachel, Ed and I are happy to be serving you as the Civic Committee and are very excited for the summer program we have planned. Please visit our new website at to check out all the event details for the summer.

Dining discount cards are in! For only $10 you can enjoy great discounts at 20 local food and retail establishments. Support your community, Civic and your wallet all at once! Please visit the website for a full list of participating businesses and contact Clover or Rachel to purchase cards.

At the request of many, we are delighted to be bringing back the Community Yard Sale on Monday, May 30th from 8am until 1pm. Spots without tables will be available around the circle and spots with tables will be under the Kum Esse pavilion. Pricing is as follows:


$10 for a spot

$20 for a spot with a table


$15 for a spot

$25 for a spot with a table

Also, If you have items, but don't feel like sitting all day at a yard sale we are accepting items to be sold as a donation to the Civic Association. Breakfast and lunch refreshments will be available at the Kumm Esse.

Please contact Rachel or Clover to donate or reserve your spot today, they are going fast!

Lastly, It is time to renew Civic Memberships for the season!! The Civic Committee has adjusted the price to $10 per adult. Our first Civic Town Hall Meeting will be held June 11th after breakfast so please renew anytime with Rachel, Clover or Ed before June 11th or at the breakfast that morning in order to vote. We have some very important topics to cover so please come out and get involved.

It's going to be a wonderful summer and we are looking forward to making new memories with all of you.


Clover Fasolka

Rachel Diez

Ed Wigfield

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