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June 9, 2016 Update

Good afternoon!

Some reminders and changes:


Some of you may have picked up the Waldheim brochures for the Sunday night services at your church. There is one change that should be noted. On July 17th, Witness will not be performing but rather the Teen Challenge Choir will be here that night. The attached brochure (in case you didn’t get one) will reflect that change.

Sunday, June 26th at 7:00PM – join us as we welcome back the Grace Notes Gospel Big Band!

Remember to fill out your patron form and return it by that night!


Saturday, June 11th from 9:00 to 11:00AM – our opening breakfast at the park! Join us at the kummesse for some good eats! A Civic Association meeting will follow at 10:00AM. Sign up sheets will be available for volunteers (we need you!). Also, you may pay your dues at that time – $10.00 per person. We look forward to fellowshipping with our Waldheim friends and neighbors!

There are still dining discount cards available for purchase which you can get at the breakfast. Please support the park by purchasing a card! Or contact either Rachel at or Clover or reply to this email at

Keep the following dates open on your calendar! We will keep you informed of the times of these events!

Wednesday, June 22nd - Potluck Dinner

Monday, July 4th - Parade and Picnic

Friday, July 15th - Movie Night

Saturday, July 23rd - Breakfast/Town Meeting

Thursday, July 28th - Christmas in July Potluck

Tuesday, August 9th - Band Concert/Dinner

Saturday, August 13th - Breakfast/Town Meeting Friday, August 19th – Movie Night

Wednesday, August 24th - Potluck Dinner & Cute Cottage Award

Saturday, September 10th - Farewell Breakfast/Spirit of Waldheim Award Friday, September 16th - Movie Night

Saturday, October 8th - Octoberfest


As many of you know, there was a miscommunication last week between Waldheim and the business that picks up our dumpsters during the week. However, it is now straightened out. BUT.....we are reminding people once again that if the dumpsters are full, do NOT place your garbage on the ground. This has been stressed many times over the years. Our wildlife loves to pick at the garbage on the ground. If the dumpster is full, take your garbage back to your cottage until the next pickup. The guys who deliver the empty dumpsters do not pick up any garbage on the ground. Last week, a few residents helped to clean up around the dumpsters (thank you!). Your trash is YOUR responsibility. And garbage should only consist of household trash. No furniture, no appliances, no electronics, no building materials. Boxes need to be broken down. Scheduled collections are on Mondays and Thursdays. Thank you!

Wednesday, June 15th is the deadline date to clean up around your cottage which includes leaves, cutting back weeds and grass, and removing any junk accumulated. After that, we will have our workers do the job for you at your expense!

Please rake leaves to the road. And do not block any area where rain water travels into the drains.

Wanted: We need someone to mow the grass INSIDE the pool area. Since all our workers are currently working on cleaning up the park and preparing the pool for the summer, we need a volunteer to mow and weed whack the inside area. It’s not a big area and we would greatly appreciate your time. Contact Harrison at 610-730-3225 if you want to help!

Have a good weekend!

There are still dining discount cards available for purchase. They are $10 a piece and give you a 10% discount on food purchases at the following area restaurants: Louie’s Italian Restaurant, Applebee’s, Alburtis Tavern, PrimoHoagies, Moe’s, Pickle’s, Dickie’s BBQ Pit, Dominoes Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Cali Burrito, Italiano Delite, Pizza Hut, Saladworks, Wentz, Pita Pit, Pizza Max, Arby’s Yo Fresh, Fiesta Ole and The Burger Company. Most of these places are located near Waldheim Park and would be great to use during the summer while you are living at your cottage and don’t feel like cooking. They are good until next April. Please support the park by purchasing a card! Contact either Rachel at or Clover at or reply to this email at

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