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Civic Members Only Vote!

Dear Civic Association Member, We are excited to come to you with a request to cast your vote in regards to the upgrades for our Tabernacle sound system. As many of you heard at the first Town Hall Meeting, the Sound System Upgrade Sub-committee, lead by Brad Waldman, had approached Civic about contributing to the funds needed to complete the necessary upgrades.

We were unable to hold a vote at the Town Hall because we did not have enough of our current membership present. Since then, The Board has approved the sound system updates and submitted a proposal to the Civic Committee with an itemized list of upgrades and costs. The Board has also given $2250.00 towards the work. The total estimated cost for the equipment and labor comes to $4549.00

Updates will include:


Mixer Console

Stage Microphone Inputs and Monitor Jacks

Stage Monitor Speakers

House Main Speakers The Civic Committee would like to motion for a vote of the Civic Association Members to disburse $2250.00 to the Sound System Upgrade Sub-committee in order to fund the remainder of the updates. Since our next Town Hall Meeting is not until the end of July and the upgrades must start as soon as possible, we are asking for you to respond to this email with your vote to approve or deny this action. We ask that all votes be submitted via email The DEADLINE for casting your vote will be SUNDAY, JUNE 26TH. Please feel free to contact Clover Fasolka at with any questions or concerns. We thank you in advance for your participation. Sincerely, Your Civic Committee Clover Fasolka - President Rachel Diez - Vice President Ed Wigfield - Treasurer

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