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June 17, 2016 Update

Good morning!

Just a few things.....

The pool is currently being filled. This will take a few days so we are aiming for either Monday (the 20th) or Tuesday (the 21st) to open the pool. A huge thanks goes out to Dick Souilliard, Harrison Leuckel, Herb Leibach and Dennis Carwell is helping to repair, paint and prep the pool for this season! You will receive an email when confirmation is received from the pool crew that the pool is ready!


Our first Sunday night services will be held June 26th at 7:00PM. The Grace Notes will welcome us back to Waldheim!


The first potluck dinner for the season will be held on Wednesday, June 22nd at 6:00PM. Bring your favorite dish!

We still need volunteers to run the stand on Sunday nights from 8:00-9:00PM. You will only be selling ice cream. We really need your help! We also need volunteers for other Civic activities. Sign up sheets will be available at the dinner!


Attached to this email is a flyer for this year’s band concert. Details about a soloist will follow as that has not yet been confirmed yet. Please think about being a patron this year! Fill out the bottom of the flyer and return it as instructed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


We are looking for EC members who would like to run for a position on the board. If you are interested, please contact a board member or reply to this email.

And a reminder....the Board has had to deal with many many issues over the winter. They need your support, not your criticism about what wasn’t done. They address each situation as it comes up, but some need immediate attention which puts other issues on hold. We also need and appreciate the support of all committee members who are not on the board. Most board members have full time jobs and families to take care of. While we are open to suggestions, but we also appreciate your patience!


There will be a wedding held on Saturday, June 25th at 1:00PM. Please remember.....the use of power tools/weed whackers/mowers/leaf blowers are banned during this service. We will also need volunteers to wipe down the pews and generally clean up the Tabernacle area the day before the wedding. Contact Judi Smith at 610-791-6747 if you’d like to help.

We have been receiving many complaints about residents walking their dogs off their leash. We’ve had complaints of a resident driving their vehicle thru the park while their dog runs along side the vehicle. We’ve also received complaints of said dogs chasing after our wildlife. According to Article IV: Rules and Regulations, Section 12 – “Pets are not allowed to run loose in the park. Dogs must be on a leash and the owner is responsible to clean up after their pets.” This is not only for the safety of the residents but the safety of your pet. No one wants a resident or pet to get injured. Your pets are your responsibility!

We also have received complaints about residents parking in other residents’ parking spaces. If you have a designated parking space with your cottage number on it, please park there. It is not fair to the other residents when they can’t park in their own space. Thank you!


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