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July 1, 2016 Update

Good morning residents and friends!

A few reminders for you......

Sunday, July 3rd at 7:00PM – Patriotic Program. Wear your red, white and blue and join us in celebrating the birthday of America!

Monday, July 4th at 11:00AM – Annual Fourth of July parade and picnic! Decorate your vehicles, your cottages, your pets and yourself as we parade thru the park in celebration of our nation’s birthday! Hamburgers and hot dogs will be provided after the parade. Altho not required, feel free to bring a dessert or salad! Friends of Waldheim are welcomed!

Sunday, July 10th at 7:00PM – Join us as we worship with the New Dawn singers!

Monday, July 11th thru July 15th at 7:00PM each night – Bible Study with Rev Al Giles from St Matthew’s EC Church. Bring your Bibles!

A big thank you to resident Tim Roland who worked so tirelessly these past two months raking up leaves throughout the park and picking them up. It’s a big job and Tim always does such a great job working to make the park look clean and well cared for! THANK YOU TIM!

Please remember to keep weeds and grass cut back around your cottage. We have stressed this many times over the years. Tall weeds and grass make your cottage look unappealing and unused. And they also attract fleas and ticks!

Last, if you see anyone or any vehicle in the park that look suspicious, please do not approach them! The Salisbury Township Police (610-437-5252) recommends that you phone the department immediately. People have been seen sitting in their cars at the pool parking lot, scaling the fence at the pool after hours and just wondering around the park...mostly after dark. We need to be proactive in keeping ourselves and the park safe! Thank you!

Have a safe Fourth of July!

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